Teaching at LEAD

Please read all of the following information if you're interested in offering classes at LEAD.
our class days: Monday-Wednesday, 10am to 3pm; Thursday, 10am to 2pm

LEAD calendar: two 15 week sessions; Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring 

class location:
Avondale First Baptist Church, 47 Convington Road, Avondale Estate all LEAD classes are held here; we do not offer classes held off-site.
Registration for classes is held online and only through LEAD beginning in June. We also hold an in-person, Open House before registration opens for fall classes. Registration for spring classes opens in November. NOTE: Only current LEAD members can register for LEAD classes. Students can not attend LEAD classes without being members and registering through our website.

class tuition
Families typically pay between $150 and $300 per class, per semester. LEAD families pay the teachers directly for their classes, in addition to paying their annual membership fee and per-class registration fee to LEAD. Anyone who has not paid their LEAD fees can not participate in classes.

Keeping tuition levels as moderate as possible, offering payment plans and maintaining flexibility with your 'minimum required' number of students may help to insure that your class 'makes.'
teacher fees
LEAD teachers pay a teaching fee to LEAD each semester. The fee for 2016-2017 is $5 per student, per semester. This fee can be paid to LEAD by cash or check, and must be turned in by the third week of classes each semester. The fees collected help us cover the rent and utilities for the rooms that you use, as well as the time spent marketing and handling registration for your classes.
legal stuff  
LEAD teachers are NOT employees of LEAD. They are parents and/or instructors from the community who are invited to offer classes through LEAD that may be of interest to our members. Parents pay teacher fees directly to the instructors, and work directly with the instructors to resolve any issues with the classes or payment. 
All instructors who offer classes through LEAD must sign a LEAD Teacher Agreement and Behavior Agreement. The LEAD Class Coordinator (with input from the Board), will decide which classes and instructors are included on the schedule each semester, based on feedback from members, group needs, room availability, and whether or not those classes/instructors are a good fit for our group.
Scheduling classes depends on the following (in no particular order):
            •  our contract constrains at Avondale First Baptist Church
            •  space constraints at the same: 6 classrooms, 1 gym, 1 kitchen
            •  teacher preferences and requirements for times and dates
            •  demand:  how well classes typically fill
            •  ongoing classes that typically keep those same time slots 
teaching classes at LEAD
If all of your questions are answered and you'd like to submit your name and course outline for consideration for the 2016-2017 schedule, please contact the Class Coordinator directly. NOTE: Our Fall 2016 schedule is already posted, but we will always consider classes for future semesters.

If you've read everything on this page (and the site) and still have questions about LEAD classes, contact Shawne Taylor, our Class Coordinator: shawne@malabarfront.com