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Dan Marshall To All Instructors

Dan Marshall  has been professionally involved with media production and music for over 30 years. For 5 years he taught media production at the college level as an instructor and the Media Program Coordinator / Audio Dept. Head at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He previously ran a recording studio called LevelHeads for 14 years where he engineered and performed on platinum and gold records, composed and mixed audio for nationally syndicated programs, and taught students of all ages to play guitar. He holds BA degrees in Music and Media Production from Florida State University, and a Master’s degree in Education from Argosy University. Currently, he produces corporate/industrial films with Airport City Films and hosts a live-stream show about music and recording on Mixer.com called DangerDojo, where “we make records in real-time.”

Current Classes
Scriptwriting – Instructor (open)
Movie Making 101 – Instructor (closed)
Video Editing – Instructor (open)
Movie Making 101 – Instructor (open)
Movie Making 101 (cont.) – Instructor (open)