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Byron English To All Instructors

I love creating educational programs and teaching students of all ages; I will consider myself a student forever, too. I am currently a commercial pilot with ratings in fixed wing (airplane), rotary wing (helicopter) and drone – a triple threat. During my aviation training I worked with the Institute for Applied Aerospace Research on projects from NASA and Area I; installed the flight system electronics on the model version of Aerobat Aviation’s experimental saucer aircraft known as “GeoBAT”; and lead a science and aviation club at the local Boys & Girls Club.

I am the parent of two home-schooled young adults, Noelle and Autum. Noelle recently taught Japanese classes at LEAD for a couple of semesters and Autum is looking forward to offering classes at LEAD in the future. I look forward to offering challenging classes that inspire students and motivate them to continue exploring outside the classroom.

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Current Classes
Science of Stuff (STEAM) – Instructor (closed)
Science of Stuff (STEAM) – Instructor (closed)
Science of Stuff (STEAM) (cont.) – Instructor (closed)