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2016-2017 LEAD Fees

The annual membership fee for LEAD is $35 per family, and renewal takes place each summer (in July). You can join at any time during the year, but the fee is not prorated. For example, if you join in February, you will still have to renew your membership for the upcoming LEAD year when renewal opens in July (you would then renew every summer after that). Current members have until July 31 each year to renew before they are removed from the member list.

Membership grants you access to the secure, private portions of this website, registration for classes, invitations to parties, field trips and other social events, access to our private online member forum, and much more.


The other LEAD fee is our per-class registration fee for families signing up for classes. That fee is $30 per class, per semester, paid to LEAD upon registration.

LEAD fees go towards covering our rent, insurance, cleaning and administrative costs.


In addition to the LEAD class registration fee, anyone signing up for classes will also pay a class fee directly to the teachers. These fees vary by class and can be found, listed in red, on each class description.