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LEAD offers events, such as our Mug ’N’ Muffin and weekly park gatherings at Glenlake Park in Decatur, throughout the year that are available to anyone in the Atlanta-area interested in learning more about homeschooling or looking for homeschooling support. Membership in LEAD is not required and these events are free and open to the public. These are posted to our calendar and various social media outlets and are shared with our mailing list, which you can join here.

For those families interested in participating in all of LEAD’s events, there are several fees, outlined below, that must be paid.

Membership Fee
The membership fee is $60 per family, per year and is due by July 25. An email will be sent out each summer prompting families to renew. New families may join at any time during the year, however, the membership fee is not prorated. If a new family joins after May 1st, however, they will NOT be required to pay the renewal fee again in July.  

Membership grants families access to secure, private portions of the LEAD website (which includes the member directory and forums), class registration, invitation to all social events and parties, field trips, and more!

Registration Fee 
The Registration Fee is $30 per class, per semester and is only paid by those families who sign up to take classes. Class registration takes place through the LEAD website and the fee must be paid for registration to be complete.

LEAD fees go towards covering our rent, insurance, cleaning, and administrative costs.

Per Class Cost
For those members signing up to take classes, there is a per semester cost associated with each class that is paid directly to LEAD teachers. These costs vary by class and teacher. The cost of each class is in red and can be found on the class description page. Members must pay teachers on the first day of class unless a previous arrangement has been made with that teacher. 

Refund Policy

The LEAD Refund policy, for the $30 per-class fee for you, the parent, dropping a class is as follows:
Class canceled 2+ weeks before classes begin - full refund of LEAD fees
Class canceled 2 weeks before classes begin - 50% refund of LEAD fees
Class canceled 1 week before classes begin, including after classes begin - no refund of LEAD fees

If, for some reason, a class you have signed up for is canceled (either before or after the start of classes), you will have the option of receiving a refund of your LEAD per-class fee or applying it to another class.

LEAD is only responsible for collecting or refunding LEAD fees.

Any class fees that are owed directly to teachers, or any refunds required from teachers, shall be handled by the teacher.