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LEAD Participation Agreement

NOTE: All members have agreed to the following rules and hold harmless agreements when they submitted their request to join the group. This page is an easy to find reminder of what our rules are:


LEAD's Participation Agreement

LEAD (Learners and Educators of Atlanta and Decatur) is an inclusive, secular homeschool organization. Our goal is to give our children a safe environment for enjoyable and meaningful social and educational opportunities. This is a collaborative adventure! We welcome the involvement and participation of every family.

By joining LEAD you have read and agreed to these terms of service and behavior expectations, and have indicated that you accept and agree with each requirement of the LEAD Participation Agreement (LPA).

  • I agree to have an adult on-site and in charge of my children, ages 12 and younger at all LEAD classes and events. (Note: Children under 13 can not be left unsupervised at any LEAD-sponsored event. Ever. If a parent must leave while their child is in class, please make arrangements with another adult to be responsible for your child. Please make sure your child know that you will be gone and which adult will be supervising them. And be sure to leave a phone number where you can reached, in case of emergency, while you step out.)
  • I understand that children 13 and older may be dropped off for classes, so long as they are responsible and well-behaved, have a way to contact their parent in case of emergency, and are picked up by parent before the end of the class day.
  • I understand that teachers are not responsible for children after class or between classes. No one will escort my child from one class to another. I, or the adult I have designated in my absence, must be responsible for my child at all LEAD events and activities. This includes field trips and park days as well as classes. (Note: Although some parents of older children may feel that their children do not require close supervision, our children are legally considered minors. If they are out of school and unsupervised during school hours, they may be considered truant. If your child is injured or has an emergency while at a LEAD activity, and you or another designated adult is not there, you could be considered negligent.)
  • I understand that when registering for a class, I am agreeing to pay the LEAD per-class fee and the teacher fees listed for that class. If I decide to drop a class after the semester has started, I will not receive a refund of the LEAD fee. I will let the instructor know as soon as possible, and acknowledge that I may still be responsible for paying the teacher's fee in full for that semester. 


LEAD's Behavior Agreement -- For Both Children and Adults at LEAD

*Neither the class facility nor LEAD (as group or as individual members) accepts any liability for your children.

Please leave the classroom, parks etc. as you found them. Please instruct your children to do the same.

*Your child is expected to behave appropriately at all times, as explained below. Please be aware that if your child's behavior becomes a problem, you may be asked to stay with your child in class, and/or supervise him or her more closely. Your child may also be asked to leave the class or activity, and may, in extreme cases, be banned from participating in LEAD classes and events altogether.

If you have a concern or question about a class, please discuss this with your child's teacher first. If you feel that your question has not been resolved by the teacher, please address your concern to the LEAD Class Coordinator. You may address general questions about our group to any LEAD Board member.

Behavior expectation *CHILDREN...(parents, please read this with your child(ren) and make sure they know what is expected.)

• You are expected to behave appropriately at all times during LEAD classes, activities, park days and field trips.

• You will treat everyone with respect. This includes showing respect for the belongings, feelings and opinions of others.

• You will respect the places where we meet. You will not take or damage property.

• You will not use obscene or foul language and gestures.

• You will not engage in any activity that puts others at risk.

If you do not follow these rules, your parent(s) will be notified. Your parent(s) may be asked to sit with you in class or be with you at all times during other activities or events. You may be asked to leave the class or activity.

Unacceptable behaviors

The following behaviors are considered serious and may result in your being asked to leave a class, activity, or even LEAD:

1.) Possession or use of weapons, illegal drugs or other controlled substances, tobacco products of any kind and/or alcoholic beverages.

2.) Physical abuse of any kind, including hitting, kicking, biting, or pushing another person.

3.) Failure to follow instructions from an adult, thereby putting another person or yourself in danger.

4.) Leaving a class or activity without permission from the teacher or event organizer.

5.) Verbal abuse or bullying of any other person.

6.) Behavior that interferes with the quality of our classes and programs.

7.) Threatening to harm yourself or others.

*I have read and I understand the policies and behavior expectations in the LEAD Participation Agreement. I agree to abide by them at all times during LEAD-sponsored activities. I have explained the policies of LEAD to my children, who fully understand and agree to abide by these policies when they participate in LEAD activities. By submitting the form to join LEAD, I am indicating my full agreement with any and all aforementioned statements of the LEAD Participation Agreement and Behavior Expectations, as well as the Hold Harmless paragraphs below.

Hold Harmless

Furthermore, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless LEAD, its volunteer staff, officers, directors, agents and assigns, from any and all claims, damages and losses of any form or nature, known or unknown, expected or unexpected, including but not limited to, actual damages resulting from, either directly or indirectly, any accident or illness occurring at or subsequent to any class, event, activity, or outing sponsored or endorsed by LEAD; and hereby release LEAD and the additional above-named parties from liability in the event of such accident or illness, including death.

Hold Harmless 2

I am legally authorized to agree on behalf my children and/or those under my guardianship to hold harmless the above-named parties in the event of accident or illness experienced by the undersigned and/or that child or those minor children in his or her charge, against the claims of any party in the occurrence of such event. It is understood and agreed that LEAD, its volunteer staff, officers, directors, agents and assigns, are reasonable in relying upon the representations contained in this Agreement in accepting participants in LEAD-sponsored activities conducted by LEAD and the additional above-named parties.