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Shawne Taylor

Creative Writing for Teens


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


12 Weeks


About the Course

In this online class, we'll have fun exploring creative writing and storytelling through a variety of formats and genres — poetry, short stories, non-fiction essays, reviews, and more.

A weekly lesson will be emailed out ahead of time, with a short reading or video-watching assignment to work on at home before class meets. Class time will then be spent on that week's topic discussion, sharing our writing with each other (and giving feedback), and doing a few warm ups and writing activities to help us tap into our creative minds. Students are always encouraged to share what they've written, but can choose not to. Students may also submit their assignments to me for written feedback, if they'd like.

This class will meet for 12 weeks out of the 15-week semester, using Google Meet for class time (it's free and doesn't require downloading). A full schedule and other important class details will be emailed to parents before the start of the semester.

Your Instructor

Shawne Taylor

Shawne Taylor has been a homeschooling mom for 20+ years, and was an active member of LEAD for over 18 years, having joined just after the group was formed. She is interested in history, world cultures, and good books. She has taught a variety of popular classes at LEAD over the years, including Snacks and Stories from Around the World, Cultural Geography, History Grab Bag, World of Harry Potter, Creative Writing, and Game Design Challenges.

In addition to homeschooling, she's a professional writer and copy editor, with a background in marketing. Shawne is also the author of The Newcomer’s Handbook for Atlanta (2nd and 3rd editions), and has written for travel companies, Creative Loafing, Major League Baseball, Pandia Press, and Homeschool/Life magazine. In her spare time, she's learning Japanese, writing a book, and usually listening to 80s music or BTS.

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