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Brook Bernhardt

Math Lab (11+)


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


15 Weeks


About the Course

Math Lab provides a math homework completion space with an available professional tutor to answer questions. Students should come prepared with homework assignments, textbooks, paper, and pencil. Math Lab time is most productive when students have previously attempted their homework assignments on their own and know what questions they would like to discuss. Additional instruction in problem-solving strategies with challenge problems will be provided if students have completed their math assignments.

Your Instructor

Brook Bernhardt

Brook Bernhardt, M.A. is a full time math instructor at Purdue University Global. She has 20 years experience teaching math to secondary and post-secondary students and 8 years experience as a homeschooler. She specializes in understanding how a student is approaching a problem and working from there rather than insisting the student follow a prescribed approach. Algebra is her jam.

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