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Membership Renewal

LEAD Memberships are annual and run July through June each year. The annual Membership Fee of $60 must be paid each "school" year in order for your membership to remain current.

Please note: You do not pay the Membership Fee each semester; you pay it once when you join, and then pay to renew each July. However, if you joined or renewed your membership on or after May 1 of this year, you will not have to renew again until July of next year. However, if the annual membership fee increases after May 1st, you will be responsible to pay the difference to keep your member status active.


To renew your membership for 2022-2023, please do the following:

1.) Make sure your account information is correct (you can edit/update by clicking "Profile" at the top of the page).

2.) Read through the Participation Agreement again so that you are familiar with LEAD's rules.

3.) Submit your $60 membership payment through PayPal by clicking the Add to Cart button below, and following the prompts.


LEAD Teachers who are not already members: Semester memberships are $35


LEAD Membership Options


Once those steps are completed, your membership will be renewed through July 24, 2023, and you will be able to continue logging into your account, and wlll be able to sign up for classes (if you choose to do so), when our Registration opens on August 1st. You will also remain part of LEAD's private online discussion forum.

NOTE: If you do not renew your membership by July 25, your LEAD account will be "parked," and you will not be able to log into your account, sign up for classes, or access the forum, until the renewal process is completed. To renew your membership after the July 25th deadline, you will have to contact the Membership Coordinator directly. Thanks!