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Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History

(ONLINE CLASS) Explore famous and infamous women through history, then tell their stories! (13+)

  • Ended
  • 280 US dollars
  • Online

Camp Details

THIS COURSE IS ONLINE via ZOOM. Course Cost: $250 +$30 Registration Fee Course Duration: 15 weeks Age: 13+ Course Description: Famous, not so famous, and infamous women through the ages have broken out of their society’s mold and made a difference. This class will focus on research methods, how to judge the quality of source material, and the use of proper citations in documents and on the web. Varying sources will be compared, including a look at how Hollywood changes stories to fit a particular narrative. After a class discussion, students will create presentations for assigned women using their choices of mixed media, oral presentations, costuming, literature, drama, and more. The final presentation will be on a woman of their choice. There will be homework required for this class. Class documents, reading, projects and homework will all be posted through Google Classroom, Classes will be held via Zoom.

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