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5 Weeks to 5K

LEAD is on a mission. 
We want to raise $5,000 in 5 weeks and you can help! 

Let's join together to ensure every local area homeschooler has a safe and supportive learning environment when traditional classrooms may not be a good fit. 

With your generous contributions, LEAD can continue offering innovative and personalized classes, educational programming, clubs, social events, and community support for homeschooling children and their families in the Metro Atlanta and Decatur areas.

Make a Donation

All donations, no matter the size, make a direct impact on our families. 


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If you'd like your name listed on our supporter's page, please let us know here. 

Thank-You To Our supporters!
Nina, Arvin, Niam, and Lia
Ann and Jim Jackson
The Atwood/Jackson Family
The Squires Family
The Faulkner Family
Heather B.
April Rose
Kelly S.
Monica T.
Renew Pelvic Health

Keep Going and Growing!

For over 20 years LEAD has proven to be a cornerstone in the homeschooling community throughout metro Atlanta. Traditional classrooms are not a good fit for every child, and home education continues to be a less-expensive alternative to hybrid and private schools. This process can feel overwhelming, and LEAD remains here to help.
LEAD’s educational programming, enrichment classes, events, social opportunities, and support can bridge the gap for local homeschooling families. We offer tools and opportunities that families can use to shape their own academic path.
Many of you have been involved with LEAD in some capacity over the years – whether it’s teaching, volunteering, attending social events, taking classes, or offering support. Your continued dedication has helped LEAD grow into the diverse community it is today. 

Heart and passion alone, however, are not always enough to keep an organization going. Like so many others re-building their communities after the pandemic, LEAD has faced a number of struggles. Now we are at a crossroads as an organization. Without support from the local community, we won’t be able to continue offering the same educational opportunities for local children in the fall.

Join us over the next five weeks as we embrace the resilience that has kept LEAD a staple in the Atlanta and Decatur homeschool community for so many years. Our rejuvenated board of directors and dedicated group of volunteers are pursuing multiple avenues to bolster our organization. 


Our goal is simple. In 5 Weeks raise $5000.

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