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Adam Cole

Music and Learning


Georgia State University, Master of Music, Concentration in Music Education, 2010

Georgia State University, Bachelor of Music, Summa cum Laude, 2006

Oberlin College, Bachelor of Arts, 1991  


ST MATH, Grade 1-5 (VIPKid), 2024

QTS (Qualified Teaching Status, United Kingdom), 2022

TESOL Foundational (TESOL International Association), 2021

TEFL (TEFL in China), 2021

Clear Renewable Certificate, Music P-12, Endorsements:  Instructional Coaching, 01/2006-present

Dale Carnegie Training, 2002

Guild Certification, Feldenkrais Method, 2001-2021

Four year, eight-session training (800 hours) to gain Certification


Graduate Assistantship, 2009, Georgia State University, “Excellence in Teaching” Award, 2007, Georgia State University 

Graduate Scholarship awarded on the basis of merit in professional practice 

Recommended Reading List: “Valerie Jackson Between The Lines, 2007” for Hofstadter’s Grandchildren

Best Of Websites, for

Vernon B. Kellet Award in the Humanities, 1987, The Lovett School

Learning How to Learn, Ukulele Lessons

Learning How to Learn, Ukulele Lessons

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